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Degree Options for Prospective Undergrads

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers two undergraduate degree programs, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science.

Degree Plans

The Texas A&M University 2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog can be found at http://catalog.tamu.edu/undergraduate

BS Program

The BS curriculum is more rigorous in its physics and mathematics course requirements and is designed primarily for students who wish to pursue an advanced degree in physics or employment as a professional physicist in an industrial setting. Because physics forms the basis of many other sciences such as chemistry, material science, oceanography, nano-engineering and geophysics, the BS program is an excellent preparation for advanced degrees in these fields. In addition, physicists are increasingly applying their talents to molecular biology, biochemistry and medicine. An important part of the BS program is student participation in experimental or theoretical research with physics and astronomy faculty.

  • Requires two semesters each of Adv. Mechanics and Adv. Electricity and Magnetism, as well as Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • Students have the option to take Quantum Mechanics II or Solid State Physics
  • There are two senior labs in this degree
  • Requires undergraduate research for credit
  • Please note that Physics courses are only offered one time per year, in the semester they are shown, beginning in the fourth semester. Each semester contains prerequisite courses for the next semester. For these reasons, being off-track will delay your graduation.

BA Program

The BA curriculum provides the student with a firm foundation in physics and with the flexibility to choose from a large number of elective courses, thus permitting the student to explore other interests. Except for those students pursuing teacher certification, some of these elective courses are chosen to satisfy the requirements of a minor field of study. The student can, therefore, customize his or her program of study in preparation for a career in any science-related or science-required field, from intellectual property law and science reporting to physics teaching. Although not required for the BA program, students have the opportunity to become directly involved in any of the active research programs in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

  • Requires one semester each of Adv. Mechanics, Adv. Electricity and Magnetism and Quantum Mechanics
  • Students are required to have a minor
  • With numerous free electives, this degree easily encompasses secondary certification courses, pre-medical prerequisites, or courses for a double major or degree
  • This degree does not have an undergraduate research requirement

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physics and the Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics have identical coursework through the 5th semester.